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The Role of AI in Content & SEO – Our Current View

So, AI is taking over… or is it?  Well, one thing’s for sure, based on the fact that covering this topic has been highly requested – the hype is real. Disclaimer: This post contains strong opinions from our CEO (also the person writing this disclaimer, Alex Panagis, as well as other members of our team). …

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How Much Does Content Marketing (Actually) Cost?

There’s no short answer aside from the usual: it depends.  Let’s face it – the cost of success in content marketing varies.  But, as a ballpark figure, content marketing costs sit anywhere between $6,000 per month for a startup, to as high as $60,000 per month (and beyond) for an enterprise business.  But having said …

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How To Hire and Manage An Agency (The Right Way) 

One of the most common questions I get from founders is, “do you have a contractor or agency for X?” followed by, “because our current one is terrible…”.  There’s very little information and advice available on how to select and manage vendors properly. At ScaleMath, it’s safe to say we’ve seen both ends of the …

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Keyword Research for SEO – Our Complete Playbook

Keyword research is the foundation of producing content that drives traffic and, as a byproduct, also drives revenue.  In this extensive guide, we’ll be sharing our complete playbook on keyword research for SEO.  Note: This is a longer guide. I suggest working through it section by section.  Operationally, How Do We Do Keyword Research?  The …

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