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The Content Marketing Agency Built for Growing Software Companies.

ScaleMath is the full-service content marketing agency for growing software companies looking to invest in long-term, sustainable growth. We serve companies large and small solely in the software industry and tailor everything we do to budget, your in-house resources as well as you and your company.

Who started it all?

Hi! I’m Alex Panagis, an 18-year-old entrepreneur & student. I've been working with businesses all over the world to redefine their marketing since the age of 11.

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Born in Switzerland.

We help businesses and people grow their search traffic and companies.

We also track what works for us and our clients and share our findings on our blog for free.


A throwback to my very first bit of "coverage" when I was around 14-years-old.

Where did it all start?

ScaleMath is the result of a crazy 7-year-long journey that started from my bedroom in my parent's house back when I was just 11 years old.

Shortly after launching a website called The Photography Blog, I was given the opportunity to work with amazing companies like Think Tank Photo and Punkt.

Think Tank photo is renowned for their popular, high-quality camera bags, and Punkt is known for their minimalist un-smart™ phone to help people take a step away from their stressful life on the internet.

Another SEO & Marketing Agency?

I'm sure if there's something we can all agree on it's that there's no shortage of agencies and freelancers claiming to be experts and gurus in the SEO industry.

ScaleMath's main focus is providing end-to-end service. We really aren't a done-for-you agency that just does the minimum amount of work required to get paid.

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We Create Quality Content That Really is Informative, Insightful and Fun.

In a world dominated by content copycats who lack originality and personality, we're here to bring it to an end. You don't have to waste money on content that you'll regret in a year.

About us

Most agencies only help businesses in the short-term, but we focus on driving rankings, revenue, and recognition in the long-term instead.