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ScaleMath helps industry-leading software companies grow. Learn how we do it.

We measure success based on your return on investment.

You win, we win.

And that's how it should be.

ScaleMath works directly with software startups, VC firms, and enterprise companies to help them scale customer acquisition with SEO & content marketing.

Real results driven by spending time, day after day, month after month, helping people and businesses grow their search traffic.

We partner directly with companies looking to grow and work together.

It's a sad truth but the SEO industry is full of scammers and so-called gurus. Some have even called it a minefield of dodgy practitioners. Aside from this, it's riddled with people that over-promise and under-deliver.

ScaleMath sets reasonable expectations and focuses on ROI. Above all, we'll never sell you anything your business doesn't need.


Results we've generated for one of our clients (their current monthly organic traffic).

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Not many still take pride in the quality of their work, especially in SEO, but Alex does which is why we love ScaleMath.

– Bhanu Ahluwalia | Rank Math


We worked with Alex back when he was just 14, he is a very bright, motivated young man who is very talented. If you get the opportunity, work with him.

– George Middleton | Red House Marketing

About us

Most agencies only help businesses in the short-term, but we focus on driving rankings, revenue, and recognition in the long-term instead.