The Tools We Use to Run ScaleMath in 2020

This is the current list of software, plugins, and tools we use at ScaleMath. 

We only list things we actually use.

1. Basecamp


ScaleMath lives in Basecamp. I honestly have no idea what I did before I stumbled across this one. It blows literally every other task/project management system that is supposed to make your life easier out of the water. It’s that simple, and now that they’ve introduced Basecamp Personal – it’s truly a no-brainer.

Sign up today to take it for a spin and let me know what you think on Twitter (@alexjpanagis) because I’m pretty sure I might’ve just changed your life ?

2. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is quite simply the best online tool to use when looking into sites linking to other websites. And since links from one site to another are (almost always) the main criteria that Google uses when ranking websites, it’s something that we SEOs want to know as much as possible about.

3. Rank Math SEO for WordPress


Disclosure: I work with Rank Math but am an avid user of their plugin – and recommended their tools – long before doing anything together.

Rank Math is the best WordPress search engine optimization plugin available.

Not my words, those are the words of the amazing team over @ Ahrefs who actually said it themselves and they’re extremely talented SEOs.

Anyway, I’ll let Sam from Ahrefs do the talking…

4. Servebolt


Yes, our website is proudly powered by Servebolt.

Simply put, Servebolt is next-level, high-performance hosting. Migrate to Servebolt, or just try it for free, so you too can experience loading speeds you’ve never seen before.

5. WordPress


There’s no argument, WordPress is the best content management system. It’s extensible, powerful and makes it possible to install an unbelievably high number of WordPress plugins to do almost anything you could possibly think of.

Obviously we use WordPress to power this site, but it’s important to note that we use the self-hosted version of WordPress (commonly referred to as we do not use

6. SEMrush


We also maintain a subscription with SEMrush as they do have some tools that make our life easier that Ahrefs currently does not have.

Though you will only really get the most out of this tool by paying for a $67/month account, you can still get great insights on your competition without a paid account.

7. OptinMonster


While we don’t currently use popups on the ScaleMath website, if this is something that you would like to implement, we highly recommend using the OptinMonster plugin.

While it certainly isn’t perfect, it is the best option currently available.

8. G Suite


If you’re looking for a reliable email, calendar and document management system for you and your team that will never fail you – look no further than G Suite (previously Google Apps for Business).

9. Wave


When it comes to accounting and managing our finance, I am by no means an expert which is why I hire people to take care of it for me. That being said, ScaleMath’s invoicing and bookkeeping is still powered by Wave Financial – it really is the most intuitive piece of software I’ve found and I highly recommend it.

But besides that, it’s also completely free to use which is really surprising because I’d gladly pay for software that is this essential to our business.

10. Atom


When looking to edit HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript files on a Mac, Atom is our tool of choice. The software is free to use and easy to adjust based on your requirements and preferences.

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