Hey there 👋

My name is Alex. 

I’m the founder & CEO of ScaleMath. 

We’re excited to announce that we’re piloting a new standalone service called Sidekick. 

Important: This is not a pilot program in the sense that it is for a service that we’ve never offered before. 

While we have never separately offered what we will do as a part of ScaleMath Sidekick (details to follow shortly) – as in, independent of our “typical” long-term engagements, we’ve been doing this work for coming up on 5 years now. 

What is Sidekick & Why? 

To start with some context: I’m a personal advisor to product & growth for the companies that work with us at ScaleMath. This is by design, as it allows me to lead strategy for what the rest of our team does and ultimately serve the companies we work with in the most meaningful way.

A big part of every engagement we run is friction logging. Friction logging is a relatively standard practice for high-agency product & engineering teams at some of the biggest software companies out there – whereby the team internally dogfoods their product and documents issues (both bugs as well as potential enhancements) with the intention of building a better product for everyone involved. 

Why do we care about this even when we’re not directly hired to do it? 

Growth is a function of the product, so our end goal, even if we’re hired solely to advise on growth strategy, is not independent of work on the product. 

The end goal is to help improve products for everyone involved – including us. 

End users get a product that delivers value more directly (or more value), the team building the product (and growing it – like us) gets a more attached, happier userbase, and salespeople have an easier time showing value to potential customers. 

In practice, for our full-service engagements, this means things like when we write product documentation – we don’t just do the bare minimum to write a help doc. We use the opportunity to test the feature, record Loom videos of any issues we come across, write up suggestions for things that confused us as power users of your product, etc., as we see fit so that this can all be passed onto product & engineering teams for their consideration. 

As a result of this, and also some recent conversations I’ve had to validate the demand for a service like this – we’re ready to roll this out as a standalone service for companies that want to bring us in solely for this. 

For now, please don’t share this page with anyone if it was privately shared with you without first asking for permission. This is simply because, for the time being, I am intentionally only sharing it with companies I know quite well until we eventually look at doing a more public rollout soon.

If you have any questions, feel free to email [email protected].

We’d look forward to working with you.

Alex Panagis, Founder & CEO, ScaleMath