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Not everyone has the budget for or wants a done-for-you solution.

We get that. We understand that everyone is at a different stage of their career and professional journey.

Not everyone can afford to start spending thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to hire an agency like us or try their luck with a freelancer.

Nor should you be forced to. That's why we created ScaleMath Pro.

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  • SEO help and advice on your strategy from me personally (normally $2,000+/month)

Who Started It All?

Hi! I’m Alex Panagis, an 18-year-old entrepreneur & student. I've been working with businesses all over the world to redefine their marketing since the age of 11.

My Personal Email:

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Born in Switzerland.

When I first discovered the power of SEO & marketing...

Long story short, I was immediately obsessed.

Here's a moving story about when I really discovered the power of SEO & marketing for the first time...

Basically, I offered to work with a software company and my first logical thought was to promise an absurd result to close the deal (🤦‍♂️) which at the time was just $1500 per month. When I first started working with them, they were making around $300 per month off of the software they were selling and I said we could easily get them to $10,000 per month in under 12 months.

All in all, I knew it doesn't solely depend on my effort but also on the quality of the product. Nevertheless, in just 7 months, after personally working directly with them to grow their site, they were consistently generating over $10,000 per month.

As a result, they were able to grow and do what they thought would never be possible. Just when the founder was on the brink of burnout and considering giving everything up.

And still to this day, although they have now transitioned to an in-house team of marketers, are reaping the benefits of our work with over 70,000 visitors from monthly organic traffic.

By simply pioneering a company's SEO & marketing efforts, I was able to grow their business to a whole new level and allow the founder to build the life they always dreamed of. From that moment, I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Now, my goal is to help people on a larger scale, including those which don't have such high budgets. My goal is to transmit all of that information to you and help you generate the same incredible results for yourself and make a real difference in your business.

All along the way, you'll have direct access to me where you can ask questions, get a second pair of eyes on something you're working on or get expert advice on your content marketing strategy.

See you on the inside!

Alex Panagis


Starting at $56/month

Whether you're an SEO, email marketer, blogger, agency owner, or freelancer - join the community now for access as one of our founding members and help me shape the future of ScaleMath Pro before we raise prices forever.

I can't wait to see you on the inside!

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About us

Most agencies only help businesses in the short-term, but we focus on driving rankings, revenue, and recognition in the long-term instead.