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Accountability Partner

I have always found that many people (including me) simply hate doing specific tasks (usually admin) and, therefore, don’t actually do them, causing debt. How do you address this?

The first answer is to delegate these tasks away as much as possible if there is someone else on the team who has the bandwidth and is specifically suited to take them over.

But there always remain a few that are not delegatable. For those which only we can do, we need a different strategy.

The question then is: how do we motivate ourselves to do them?

I have found that primarily extroverts (of which I am one) have this issue. And that is likely because we get energized by one of two things: 

  • Being around other humans
  • Doing fun things

If we have to do something that isn’t fun and we’re alone, it is painful. But If we’re in the presence of another human, then we’re usually OK to do that thing which isn’t fun. Who that other human is doesn’t matter too much. It can be our child, our EA, or any other random person.

If he is unavailable (or you don’t have one), try Focusmate for admin tasks. I have used it, and it’s surprisingly effective.

Updated on February 15, 2024

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