Exit Interview

You have made our company a better place. While you have found a better situation elsewhere, we humbly request that you help us improve one final time. For that, we need your honest, thorough, and brutal feedback. Please know that if you are willing to share it with us, we will treat it like the precious gift that it is.

  • What about working at ScaleMath did you like?
  • What about working at ScaleMath did you NOT like?


  • Do you feel that you know what the mission of our company is? 
  • Do you believe in it?
  • What could we do to improve our communication of that mission?
  • Did you clearly understand our expectations of you (goals)?
  • And how were you performing against those expectations (feedback on performance)?
  • Who was your manager?
  • How often did he/she hold a team meeting? What was the agenda/length?
  • How often did he/she hold 1-1 sessions with you? What was the agenda/length?
  • What challenges did you experience in communicating, supporting, and getting what you needed from others at your same reporting level?


  • When you needed authorization or approval to move forward, how long did it usually take to get that authorization/approval?
  • Did that delay hinder your ability to perform?


  • Did you enjoy coming to work every day? What was demotivating?
  • Was there a safe venue to give negative feedback? 
  • Was that feedback asked for and encouraged? 
  • When you gave that negative feedback, was it acted upon and the situation corrected (i.e., did you feel heard)?


  • Do you like our products / services? How could we improve it?
  • What could we do better as a company?
  • What could I do better as a CEO?
Updated on February 15, 2024