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Our Internal Systems

We have a whole range of different internal systems each of which play an important role in helping us work with clients, team members and deliver on the level of quality that we continuously strive to exceed.

Note: Although you may not use all of these, it’s important to familiarize yourself with how they work to understand how the overall process works.  


Here, this is where we house internal documentation like this as well as run most projects. Most work happens in Asana. Most communication happens in Asana – with few exceptions.

The reason we do this is because Asana makes it possible to track todos as well as entire projects, including bringing clients into projects for them to have an overview. You will notice that most communication that occurs about a certain task is actually within the comments of that todo itself. This is intentional as it allows us to avoid long conversations in Slack or some other communication software with a single channel/stream of messages meaning that to locate something specific or to know whether something has been answered is always a complete mess.


Slack is used independently of Asana for more direct, interpersonal communication to keep in sync. We should not discuss specific todos in Slack and should not communicate about work frequently here unless it is specifically between two people (for quick answers, etc.). 

We also work with a number of our part-time team members and developers in here who we intentionally did not invite into Asana to keep their exposure to our systems limited in order to make their lives simple since they only focus on a small element of the work that we do together. 


Missive is the email client that we use. You will only be invited into Missive if you are working with us on emails we receive and replying to job applications, etc. 


All drip campaigns, welcome emails, and other email marketing campaigns for ScaleMath are run through Bento. 

If you’re involved in working on tweaking and measuring these campaigns as well as sending newsletters – you will be working in here.


1Password is ScaleMath’s password manager. It’s an important component in how we make sure all of our work computers are operating according to our security practices. When you’re given access to an internal (or client system), this will be done via 1Password or email invite. Regardless of how the invitation is sent all credentials must always be synced to your 1Password Vault. This is essential so that if you are on sick leave and/or leave the company at some point your manager will be able to take over and responsibilities you once had without having to struggle and wait to get into contact with you. 


When trying to communicate something in writing has proven difficult – you may need to occasionally resort to using Loom to walk someone through what you’re working on/need help with, etc. Create your account here using your @scalemath.com email (via Google SSO) to send an admin a request to approve your Loom account.

Updated on February 12, 2024

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