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Working In Google Docs – Guidelines

Always use Google Docs Pageless Format

This setting is accessible under FIle > Page Setup.

Always resize images to ensure they fall within the margins of the document

Recommended: Do this the moment that you insert them so that you don’t forget to do so before sharing the G Doc with someone.

There are exceptions, such as the image inserted in point #1 above, which is not sized to fit the margin. This only applies to images that are too wide – this one tall, so increasing the width to make it the same as the document margin is going to make it long / take up a lot of space in the G Doc, which would obviously be counterintuitive.

In general, start all new content (in fact, all docs) by cloning this blank template

This will make sure that even if your defaults aren’t configured, you’re using our company defaults (i.e. Inter and all proper headings as well).

ScaleMath New Content Template (Shared)

Using Grammarly

On documents that are placed in a shared drive, Grammarly requires an additional confirmation step before it actually starts running in the current document.

Updated on February 12, 2024

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