Writing Email Newsletters

We send a lot of emails.

A large part of this is newsletters for ourselves and the companies we operate.

Note: The biggest piece of advice and headspace you should be in when writing any email is that we should only be sending an email when we really have something to say. People protect their inboxes (ourselves included), and we want to land in their inboxes when we bring something of value.

The Basics

Our email newsletters help empower and inform.

Here are the most common types of content we send by email:

  • Product and feature announcements
  • Tips for getting the most out of existing products and features
  • Regular Weekly/Monthly Newsletters
  • Terms of Service Updates
  • Automated series (Getting Started with X]
  • Event Invitations & 1:1 Sales Enablement
  • System alerts about changes to functionality or scheduled maintenance
  • Internal newsletters


From Name

Subject Line

Preheader Text

Body Copy

Call to Action

Consider Your Perspective

Make Emails Scannable With Proper Structure

Include A Call To Action

Use Alt Text

Segment Your Audience

Testing Campaigns Multiple Times Before Sending

Our process includes at least 2 people, in addition to the person who originally prepared the email must be involved in the review process.

This can be two other people on our content team or people internal to the companies we work with. However, please note that even when working with the internal team at partner companies, we still consider it our responsibility to uphold our standards (regardless of their review taking place, so should never view it as an abdication of responsibility).

Updated on February 12, 2024

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