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ScaleMath is a growing resource site and blog. Since consuming the content on our blog is 100% free, people often wonder how we keep our blog profitable.

This page is here to serve as a legal disclaimer, FTC affiliate disclosure and information for those of you interested.

Why is ScaleMath’s blog free?

Freelancers and beginners just getting into SEO often don’t have the financial means to invest (and shouldn’t invest) in expensive resources and training to help them get up to speed. Yet without the information and tools available to them, they’re unable to prosper.

Our goal is to create fun and informative content for people in SEO & marketing to help them make the best possible decisions.

How does ScaleMath stay profitable?

As some of you may already know, creating content is extremely time-consuming especially when it’s detailed and good (which we’d like to think ours is and I’m sure many, if not all, would agree).

To that end, there are three main ways in which we make money – client work, ScaleMath Pro and affiliate commissions.

ScaleMath Pro

As we mentioned earlier, we don’t recommend paying exorbitant amounts. That’s exactly why we launched ScaleMath Pro – a membership targeted towards people who want to learn SEO & marketing with and from the best in the business.

If you love & are a member of ScaleMath Pro, thank you! ❤️

Affiliate Commissions

We also earn affiliate commissions whenever you buy a product or service that we recommend on our blog. That being said, we only recommend products and services that we truly believe in – and we really mean this when we say it. Regardless of how much more profitable a certain affiliate program is, when we mention products on our blog, we do so in complete transparency and honesty.

This method of monetization is often referred to as affiliate marketing.

If you click one such link and decide to purchase a product as a result, we earn an affiliate commission. It’s important to note, we don’t just claim to use or like services just to make money – we’re always transparent about our experiences with them and the extent to which we’ve used them.

We do not accept payments for positive reviews and the contents of our posts and pages reflect those of their respective authors – not necessarily those of ScaleMath.

Thank you for your support.

Important: What Is & Isn’t Associated With Us

It has come to our attention that people have been reaching out to companies on behalf of us as a company or in many cases also our founder, Alex Panagis, in order to inquire about working together with them in some capacity or requesting a product so we can review it. Please note, that these accounts and email addresses listed below are the only accounts operated by people with official capacity here at ScaleMath. Anyone else claiming to be associated with us or using our reputation for personal/financial gain is in fact, as you might’ve guessed, not actually associated with us.

Twitter: @scalemath and @alexjpanagis

Facebook: @scalemath and @alexjpanagis

Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

We do not use other accounts and do not use other aliases on social networks, for the purposes of reducing the occurrences of this, we will be keeping this list up to date here.

Alex Panagis
Founder of ScaleMath

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Most agencies only help businesses in the short-term, but we focus on driving rankings, revenue, and recognition in the long-term instead.

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